Adventures in Engrish

Tiger Mask LION MAN !!!!

"Fabulous Optional Parts"

"Lionman hauls a chain to compare the power with enemy. I bouquet and a broken case with broken bottles of cola are included. Five variant right hands and four variant left hands are included."



Maza was wearing this shirt when we went out for dinner one night.

I wont pee in your WOOL if you don't dump. Fair deal I guess...


"black cows give white milk"

Listings Correct At Press Time!


whose carreer has been devoted to comedy ever since.who would have guessed that lurking inside


"Hey duck, what is your problem? I go for a walk."

"Hey elephant, get out of here! We are trying to get busy."

(The best part about the elephant one is that it says across the back "I dont give a shit, he is to much of a pussy to break up with me..." )

"More rock, less dog."

"Jesus is coming, hide your bong." (worn by junior high school math teacher to class)


"Rock my Oasis"





Half the fun of being a forigner here is the ability to appreciate the really bad english translations that appear on products and labels. English is really in fashion here so many products attempt to have bilingual or even straight english labels. Some attempts are more successful than others.

I went to a local planetarium as one of my summer, "cultural visits" They had a great movie on the dolphin that was projected onto this 100 ft screen. The film was amazing, with awesome 3D, but somehow I couldn't take it seriously... maybe it was the flyers they haded out at the door.

Or maybe it was becuase sting did the entire soundtrack.


This bike was parked outside the childrens science center.



This week at the new 100 yen shop down the street I happened on a shopping bag in cow print pattern.

Closer inspection revealed this cow, pondering his identity with the simple, but apt question; "Who am I?"


Product Name: Rays Pencil Case
What is it: A pencil case for children
Label Reads: "Ray's Potato Chips" which is extra funny when you note that there is no "L" in Japanese and L becomes are and say it with a funny accent. Also noteable is the delectable flavor of "Love Cream & Heart" Yumm Yumm!


Product Name: Pocari Sweat  
What is it: A flavourless Gatorade like substance.
Label Reads: "This beverage is suspiciously close to a bodily fluid"


Product Name: Kirin Lemon
What is it: Carbonated Lemonade.
Label Reads: "This refreshing taste drink is in favor with people for a long time"


Product Name: Pa-u-n do-kee-ki-

(Pan for Cake)

What is it: a folding paper cake pan
Label Reads: "It's going to spread out in a mouth that memories of childhood it's a sweet and a little bit bitter."


Product Name: Ribbon Citron
What is it: A citrus pop.
Label Reads: "You can satisfy not only your thirst but your heart with this.